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The Best Beaches To Visit In Corfu

Corfu has some of the best beaches, it has many places for you to explore. Some are long stretches with shallow waters, while others have everything you need to try out watersports. You can reach most of these places by car or visit via boat if you want to hire one. Most beaches in Corfu are surrounded by restaurants and bars many of them located right on the beach.

This lists some of the most popular beaches in Corfu >>

Agios Georgios

Popular with tourists, this beach has extensive sand and refreshing calm waters. The best thing about this beach is that the tide never gets too high even during the peak of the season. It is a popular place for families and wind surfers. The beach is situated on the west coast, which is just south of the Agios Stephanos. You can drive to the beach via a narrow steep road.

Agios Stephanos

This long, wide, sandy beach has a gentle slope that stretches down into the sea. The beach is situated on an off-beaten track and is a great place to get away for a relaxing day away from the crowds. There are a few tavernas near the small harbor, where you can go and have some drinks and snacks. Travelling to the Agios Stephanos is easier by car.


The beach is located on the northern tip of Corfu and extends across a stretch of 8 kms in length. The waters are shallow here and the beach has a gentle slope, so it’s a great place for families and sports enthusiasts looking for a good time. There are also a number of beachfront tavernas that tourists can visit.


This beach is situated on the northwest tip of Corfu and is just a few miles away from the west of Sidari. The beach is in a beautiful location, surrounded by high cliffs. This provides plenty of shade for tourists, who can enjoy the amazing views. It is also a very popular spot where people go to watch the sunset. There are no sunbeds or any other facilities available here, so you must take your own chairs/umbrellas etc. You can travel to this place by car but parking facilities are available at the top of the cliff. You have to walk down a steep staircase in order to reach the beach.


Nissaki beach is located on the northeast of the Corfu peninsula. It is a small beach with transparent waters. Tourists can have scuba diving lessons here or enjoy a relaxing afternoon in one of the two tavernas.



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