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Road Trip – 2

This road trip explores one of Corfu Island’s most majestic coastlines. It is not an easy drive, with some steep turns along the way, but perfectly safe and well worth the effort.

As you come out of Corfu’s International Airport turn right until you reach the water front of Garitsa Bay.

Turn left here and follow this urban coastal road all around the outskirts of Corfu Town. As you leave the old town behind you travel along the old and new port on the same road until you reach a large T-traffic light junction. Turn right here and follow the main national road signs to Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa is one of the oldest and most beautiful tourist resorts of Corfu Island.

There is plenty to see and do in Paleokastritsa. You could even make this the end of your road trip by hoping onto a small boat that will take you to the most dramatic of Corfu’s coast lines. A very interesting museum is within the monastery grounds at Paleokastritsa too.

From Paleokastritsa trace your steps a few kilometres back to the clearly visible road sign for Lakones off to the right as you come from town.

Driving up to Lakones you can see the entire length of Corfu Island’s west coast and even across the island to Corfu Town. Open Mediterranean waters, dramatic cliffs and mythic caves are an unforgettable sight that can give visitors a real perspective of what Corfu Island is about.

Just past Lakones you can spot Angelokastro one of Corfu’s main castles.

Again this is well worth a visit with spectacular views and a historical value that crosses the entire European continent all the way to Skellig Michael off the western coast of Ireland. A Tuscan like country road will take you past the villages of Makrades, Vistonas and Prinilas before reaching the next sea side resort of Agios Georgios north or Pagi.

Agios Georgios is known for its crystal clear fresh waters and its soothing embrace.

This beach is definitely worth a pit stop swim if not for a longer stay and lunch if you set off early from Corfu Town. The North West coast of Corfu is known for its agro tourism and alternative spiritual centres.

The cliff top village of Afionas and Arillas beach are different enough from what you will have seen thus far on this road trip to make them worth visiting too.

From here you will see one of the best sunsets on Corfu Island and you will get a glimpse of the small island triangle that marks Greece’s western most border. Yes this will have been a full day trip but with a different and easier return to Corfu Town though the Trombeta Pass.

Drive safely, have our telephone number handy in case you get lost (which is difficult to happen on Corfu Island) and above all have a wonderful day!



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