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Our insurance policy provides full insurance covering all your needs.

  • P.A.I (Personal Accident Insurance) covering both the passengers and the driver.
  • T.P (Third Party Liability Coverage) All vehicles are insured against liability to third parties for death or injury or property damage.
  • F.T.W (Fire & Theft Protection) insures in case of accidental fire or theft of vehicle
  • C.D.W(Collision Damage Waiver) insures in case of damage to the vehicle in an accident NOT valid when driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding or in traffic violation.
  • L.I.S  (Limited Insurance Supplement) The renter is responsible for parking the vehicle in a safe parking area at all times. Coverage of vehicle in parking areas in case of scratches or bumps. Renter should contact us immediately in order to make a report.
  • S.C.D.W (Super Collision Damage Waiver) is an optional service with no excess upon collision damage and reduced financial liability for damage to tires, glass, mirrors, accessories & undercarriage of the vehicle to zero own risk. The insurance does not cover the tires, undercarriage, glass parts (including windscreen). Also loss or damage to the car key , the locks , car documents & number plates.